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♻ At The Candle Counter we take our commitment to the environment very seriously, which is why we decided from the very beginning to:

  • Use packaging that is recyclable, biodegradable or reusable

  • Search for suppliers and third-party providers with similar values to us

Re-use or Re-fill
We hate waste, and if you can re-use it, then we believe you should not throw it. Use your pot for your jewellery, cotton pads, toothbrushes or even for a plant.

Close to The Candle Counters HQ? We will re-fill your container for only $21. Drop us an email to arrange dropping your empty container to us.

Alternatively, don’t be wasteful with the end of your wax, follow these simple steps to get extra use out of your wax:

Step 1: Boil the kettle & pour it into your container

Step 2: Let the water cool for 2 hours and let the wax rise

Step 3: Cut out the wax that has risen 

Step 4: Use the wax that has been cut out as a wax melt

Step 5 - Reuse your clean container  

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