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The candle company who care for your wellbeing.

We believe The Candle Counter is more than just a candle company, we are here to aid you in taking your self care and wellbeing to the next stage. 

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“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”

- Oscar Wilde.

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To us nothing is more memorable than a smell. We all have those smells that take us directly to a time and place. Smell is considered the strongest and quickest memory inducer and is our most powerful sense.


That's why we take so much care crafting our candles and ensure the scents have the power to a fill a room even before being burnt.

Our candles are all made from vegan, toxic free soy wax and sustainably packaged.


Hand poured in our home studios in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney and just like us, each candle may be slightly different in its own way due to being individually hand poured.


We believe this is what makes our collections special.

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Pommy Bakes

What People Say

The candles not only look great but smell delicious - they instantly made my place feel more homely! Can’t wait to buy my next batch and get some for friends as they make great gifts.

- Olivia, Bondi

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